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Our company provides industry leading solutions to the dairy industry. We listen to the every day issues and the long term strategic goals of today’s dairy farmer, working with them to develop their businesses, striving for efficiency and maximising production.

Working as dairy farmers ourselves we understand the processes and pressures that we have to undertake. Searching and supplying not just the latest technology, but solutions that have been proven in the field.

We strive to take the stress out of procuring new equipment, giving you more time to focus on growing your dairy farm and other areas of your business.

Latest News

Arla Foods Cuts On-Account Price

Arla Foods in the UK has decided to cut its on-account price for May supplies of milk to the co-op 0.75p/l. When this reduction is applied to the UK standard litre it brings the co-op’s May milk price to 20.12p/L.

Latest Product

The WETiT QD0 (QuaD spraying zero shadowing) In-Race teat sprayer.

Taking ten years to develop, this innovative technology is able to monitor each cow, switching the spray on and off at different positions depending on individual cow requirements. Every cow that walks through is guaranteed to be sprayed with the best possible coverage, extremely accurately, completely covering the surface of each teat. Find out more about this product >

The QDO is installed and working great, you’re right in saying they can’t get away from it! Great peace of mind to know they are sprayed properly and one less job in the shed.

Warren Storey

Waikato, NZ

Introducing AirWash Plus

AirWash Plus is a unique, affordable automatic teat dip and rinse system that can be fitted into any existing liner and cluster, giving the customer the freedom to choose the liner and cluster that best suits the herd.

Find out more about AirWash Plus


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Airwash+ from pivotal precision
Airwash+ from pivotal precision

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